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The Gangala Valley is an accumulation of stalactites over 100,000 years ago. The valley covers about 520 square feet and its forest trail is about 1 km which begets abundant subtropical and natural resources.

The Minatogawa people(港川人 / みなとがわじん)are the pre-historic men in Okinawa, Japan which has been found within the valley over 18,000 years ago. An archaeological research is still ongoing.

In order to protect the forest and its archaeological sites, making a reservation is highly required when visiting to follow a tour guide to exploring the mysterious forest.

1.Ufusyu Gajumaru:This banyan tree symbolizes the Valley of Gangala with roots extended from the cliff.
2.Caves where Okinawa people traditionally pray:In the Inagu Cave ,people pray for safe childbirth and fortune.In the Ikiga Cave,people pray for children and their health.
3. Remains of ancient cave dwelling:An archeological excavation is currently underway to investigate the possibility that was where "Minatogawa Man"lived."Minatogawa Man"lived in Okinawa 20,000 years ago.
4.Cave Cafe:Starting point for tours .The interior of the cave is used as a cafe.In 2014,a shellfish tool and a human fossil 20,000 years old were discovered here.

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Qualification Entry

Wheelchairs and baby strollers are prohibited to join the activity.


✔︎ Drinks (Okinawan tea)
✔︎ Gangala Valley Guided Tour Insurance


*Please be at the meeting place 10 minutes earlier.


1 hour 30 minutes

Before the Guided Tour
1. The forest trail is about 1 km, please wear comfortable shoes or sneakers.
2. Wearing long-sleeves and trousers is highly recommendable to avoid mosquito and insect bites.
3. The tour is available even on rainy days. However, it may be canceled due to unfavorable weather condition like a typhoon.
※If the trip cancellation is made by the organizer, participants will be notified either by phone call or e-mail. Be advised to check your email a day before and/or on the day of the scheduled tour.
4. On rainy days, you may bring your own raincoats.
*Raincoats are available for JPY100 each at the counter. (Using an umbrella is prohibited.)
5. There are no toilets on the forest trail. Please be advised to use the toilet in the parking lot before the tour starts.

Rules of the Tour
1. No food and beverage are allowed during the tour.
2. Do not touch or take any living and non-living things in the forest during the tour.
3. Smoking is strongly prohibited in the forest.
4. No pets are allowed during the tour.
5. Stay with the guide and do not leave the team during the tour.
6. The guided tour is available in Japanese only.
*A Chinese/English pamphlets are provided for foreign customers.

1. Registration at Gangala Valley-Cave Cafe
2. Tour briefing (around 10 minutes )
3. Exploration Time (around an hour)
4. End of Exploration
Cancellation Policy
☞ Full charge is imposed on the total cost of the trip if a guest is unable to show up at the designated meeting location and time for any reason.
☞ Full charge is imposed on the total cost of the trip if cancellation is made less than 24-hour notice from the scheduled date.

JPY 2,500 - Adult
JPY 1,500 - Junior high school/High School/College Students
*Student ID will be checked.
*Free Admission for Elementary school student and Age 0-6

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